About us

Mission Statement

Western Legacy Alliance strives to preserve the working landscapes and lifestyles of the American West. We do this by supporting and promoting sustainable land-use solutions to ensure social and economic benefits for local communities and the nation.

Western United States

WLA’s Goals

  • Preserve traditional land uses in the American West.
  • Promote the participation and education of youth in agricultural and resource fields.
  • Advocate for sustainable and responsible access to federal and state lands.
  • Identify and respond to challenges that threaten working landscapes and the lifestyles of people that use them.
  • Protect homes, small businesses and other private property against government seizure or unreasonable government interference.
  • Work with land managers today to guarantee more choices and healthier landscapes for the land management of tomorrow.

Coalition Structure

Western Legacy Alliance (WLA) is a member-funded and member-directed organization. Coalition leadership consists of an eight-member Executive Committee made of founding members and representation from key stakeholders.

This committee has authority to act on behalf of member interests to approve WLA materials and activities. Any organization or individual interested in preserving working landscapes and lifestyles of the West is invited to participate. Contributions to support the coalition’s work are welcome, but not required.

Public Relations/Education Campaign

The WLA campaign allows stakeholders to change gears from reactionary tactics to a pro-active plan to address the issues affecting all of you. By creating a coalition of like-minded organizations and individuals from a variety of backgrounds we effectively demonstrate broad interest in advocating for responsible access to public lands.

The coalition works to raise awareness of the economic value of working lands and raise the profile of public land issues with the general public to help guarantee the multiple-use of federal lands and private property rights for the next generation.


The coalition’s public education strategy lays the groundwork to:

  • Respond to radical opposition of coalition goals and potentially neutralize future efforts.
  • Increase community awareness of issues/activities that hurt coalition members.
  • Provide education initiatives to encourage youth interest in agricultural and resource jobs.
  • Educate employees of Federal and State agencies about responsible use of public lands.
  • Initiate legislative or regulatory fixes to:
    – Address frivolous challenges to permits held on public lands.
    – Ensure protection of private property rights guaranteed under the Constitution.


What People Are Saying


“WWP’s tactic is to sue the federal government by challenging the ranching permits on technicalities and also burying officials in a flood of FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests. If you are a taxpayer you should be outraged.” Patrick Dorinson, FOXNews.com